About us


The bodies of the association are:

The General Assembly

The general assembly is the maximum body and they are the members of the association by law.

The Management Board

It governs, administers and represents the association. Paqui Momparler Orta, president of the Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta, has been appointed president, while Josep Francesc Signes has been appointed as its vice-president: he’s the mayor of Gata de Gorgos. The mayor of Ayora, José Vicente Anaya, is the secretary and Nuria Mengual Aparicio from Mancomunitat La Canal de Navarrés, is the financial treasurer.

Technical Committee 

It’s the organ of debate and technical tasks and it’s formed by the facto members. It advises the General Assembly and the Technical Commissioner. Quarterly face-to-face meetings. Permanent online contact.

Technical Commissioner

It’s the person hired by the Association in charge of its dynamisation, management and coordination between the General Assembly and the Technical Commission.

Technical Commission

To be appointed.