Objectives and services

Objectives and services

The Association has as its objectives:

  • To promote the model of selective collection called Door-to-Door (“Porta a Porta) of waste management in the Valencian Community, as well as understand its perfect compliance with the principles to prevent pollution, waste minimisation and recovery, sufficiency, proximity, protection and regeneration of the soil, transparency of information: “it only pays the one who pollutes”. Furthermore, it proves to have obtained the maximum degree of efficiency -both quality and quantity level- up to this moment.
  • Establish a proper frame for a more fluid exchange of experiences among all the municipalities that have implemented this waste collection service (“Porta a Porta).
  • Organize some technical meetings to study how to optimise this “Door-to-door” collection service. Report the results of those studies and experiences linked to the Door-to-Door collection by means of publishing or any other communication system.

Services for its members

The following services are also offered:

  • Purchase all type of material (compostable bags, bins, etc) so economical savings for the associate members are generated, bearing in mind the current legislation about contracts.
  • Coordinate the application for grants and subsidies, in order to finance any of the ordinary activities which represent the objective of the association; and, specifically, to carry out campaigns to implement or reinforce the promotion of the “Door-to-Door” waste collection service.

To offer some reports, results and studies about the selective waste collection service of the Door-to-Door model.


The Association offers its members and the rest of municipalities, administrations, institutions, firms and other interested collectivities some studies, documents and reports about the Door-to-Door waste collection service that can be checked under the section Documentation.

The association has or is currently working on the following projects:

Monitoring and implementation of the PaP (Porta a Porta) collection service
Visit those municipalities who have implemented the PaP (Porta a Porta) collection service to find about new developments and problems regarding this service.
Monitor the PaP implementation system in Valencian municipalities.
Situation of the Pap selective collection system in the Valencian Community.
Joint purchasing
Starting the joint purchase of compostable bags among all associate members. Extension of the service with the joint purchase of bins and buckets for the selective collection of the organic waste fraction.
Exchange of experiences
Workshops in PaP municipalities to exchange experiences.
Singular projects.
Webpage updating.
Distribution of some leaflets concerning the PaP selective waste collection service.
Audiovisual on the PaP selective waste collection service.
Attendance at conferences, forums and fairs on waste management.
Development cooperation project.